Passion for the Arts

Jim and Helen hold a great love for music and the arts at the Houston Symphony.

Jim and Helen hold a great love for music and the arts at the Houston Symphony.

Providing a legacy gift to the Houston Symphony is not only a joy but it represents the culmination of a long held goal for both Jim and me.

Neither of us were born to wealth. Yet we came from families that held a great love for education and particularly for the arts. A passion for music and the arts surrounded us as we matured and the love of them was deeply instilled in us.

Our parents surrounded us with music and supported the arts in Cincinnati as best they were able. They were patrons of the symphony and the opera for over 50 years. Never did they miss the May Festival in that city and these traditions are being sustained by members of our family.

Our parents believed that the arts enhanced and enriched education. High expectations were established. They provided multiple opportunities and patiently supported our efforts to achieve.

As we conscientiously made the choice to provide this gift, we honor their memory and we both feel that this is a debt that we owe to future generations in the hope that they will appreciate symphonic music and their lives will be enriched as ours have been.

As residents of this culturally rich community, we recognized our responsibility to become involved with many of the arts organizations in Houston and throughout the nation. However, the Houston Symphony is the organization with which we have the longest association.

Without the joy of this music, our lives would be diminished. Moments spent in Jones Hall provide a respite from the cacophony and distractions of a frenetic world. Music is intellectually stimulating and provides a challenging conundrum as a composer’s meaning is explored. More importantly, it is able to wrap you in ethereal beauty and a peace that touches your soul as no other art form is capable of doing.

Contributing to the arts, regardless of the amount is a responsibility inherent to all who love them. Only through such gifts can these institutions be sustained in a world too often absorbed with immediate gratification and selfish goals. Over time, small gifts can develop into significant endowments that will support these organizations so that many others will benefit and value the gifts they provide to so many. A passionate love for music requires individuals to support these institutions so that it may be perpetuated for generations yet unborn.

Your presence today indicates your love of the arts. How will you share your passion?

Share Your Passion
Contact Patrick T. Quinn, Director, Planned Giving, at 713-337-8532 or to share your passion and leave a legacy gift with the Houston Symphony Endowment.